Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Little Miss Eliza started solids earlier this month. Got to love breast fed bubs and the tongue habits that that brings. Very cute but quite messy. She is slowly getting the hang of it though. Timeless fave of pumpkin and sweet spud was commenced yesterday with much bouncing - from all three actually with Fin trying it saying 'I really do like it mum this baby food', so the boys had a serve each too. Whatever gets veges in is fine with me. I really can't believe she is almost six months already. They really don't stay bubs for long. Mind you I can see the little newborn in each of them with a quick glance when they sleep or cry. They will always be my babies. I love these apple a farex pics with her 'feeding herself''. I love her big blue eyes. I am somewhat biased though.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

About Time

Yes yes I know. I haven't posted for so long. I have written many but have become inpatient waiting to upload pics or little people tend to need things at the wrong time. Anyhow I have scraped all partially done posts from Christmas and since and am now here. The last few months have certainly had some busy times. My sweet boy Fin is now a kindy kid which I'm still trying to get my head around. Where does that time go. He is really enjoying it and has also started swimming lessons. The first few weeks of swimming were dreadful but then suddenly he began to enjoy it and the fear has disapeared thankfully.

(first day of kindy - the hair did get brushed before he went lol)

Luc has an ever increasing vocabulary with 'what' being the unfortunate word of choice at present. He has learn't from his brother and probably me continually correcting him for it. I'm sure Luc thinks it is just funny to keep mummy saying 'beg your pardon'. Luc had started swimming lessons as well but was quite naughty and it was hard on Eliza as she would cry even if grandma held her the whole time so we are going to wait until he can venture in by himself (he was just a little too young to be without me).

Miss Eliza is getting ever more cute every day. So full of smiles and giggles, unless or course someone other than mummy or daddy have her when she displays what I must say is one of the best bottom lip drops I have ever seen. I started her on solids last week and she is getting the hang of it slowly but surely.

Well 2009 is starting off with a lot of firsts and I'm hoping it continues to be a positive growing year for our family and our little patch of green on a hill. Apart from the already happening firsts others that we hope to come will be: chickens (yes still not ready for them yet), a horse (my life long dream since I was younger than Luc), my baby crawling/walking/becoming a little girl, and I'm sure many more.

I've just put up a random selection of pics from the last few months, I will do more in the near future - I promise. Enjoy! God Bless.