Friday, December 19, 2008

She's Getting so Big

I've been so bad at getting postings done lately. I don't know what I do with my time somedays. Feed the kids, cuddle the kids, clean up their toys, prepare more food, do washing, clean up, play with kids, tidy toys, cuddle kids, feed kids as well as mowing alot (the grass grows in inches per day here) and regular housework - lol well you get the picture, which I'm sure is not unlike everyone elses household. Before I know it is bed time and my list of my things - such as craft, sewing, photography bits, updating blog, renovating - have been missed and then go on to the wish list for the next day which more often than not gets overlooked once again. I use to be able to stay up late to do things but I seem to just need bed by 10pm. I feel like an oldie already lol. I have a problem with wanting to keep things tidy and iron everything (except undies of course :P) which I know takes up alot of my time. I need to let myself just look away and have a bit more focus on more important things I think. Or just get more organised. I don't know how some of you fit all that you do in. Don't get me wrong I love doing things for my family and appreciate having the privaledge of being a stay at home mum. Anyhow thats enough whinging lol.

I thought it was about time I updated my pics of my little girl. Can you believe she is 11weeks already. She started smiling at five and a half weeks along with the ever adorable baby babble which is the cutest thing, and since then she continuously smiles and almost laughs all day long, except sleeping and feeding, mind you she tries to talk while feeding - such a girl already (can't stop chatting).

Her big brothers still adore her and her little face lights up soon as she hears them or sees them. It is amazing to see her love for them already. How special to have two beautiful big brothers! The poor little thing though doesn't have much opportunity for tummy and floor time due to Fin and Luc being typical boys and not looking when they bound about the house.

I feel just so blessed to have three such healthy and beautiful little ones. I need to spend less time doing things that really aren't that important and to and enjoy these perfect little gifts.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Big Boy 4

My beautiful Fin turned 4 early last month. Seems only yesterday he was a newborn and now I've been blessed with number three. Time really does fly hey!!! Fin had a great birthday. Grandma and Grandpa came up for lunch, he was given some fantastic presents and daddy even got home just a little early bringing yummy happy meals to sweeten the deal. It was a lot of fun for all. The lazy mum smarty cake made its appearance once again but my rationale was I have to give evenly to the boys - really just mummy not being more organised but hey it tasted great and they ate every smarty (and left the cake behind lol).

The little sweetheart had to have his 4year immunisations yesterday. He was so perfect. I was just so proud. He barely flinched and didn't shed a tear - only when his baby sister had her's did he have a little sympathy cry - yes little miss Eliza is 2months already. I love it when your kids just surprise you and are just beautiful mini grown ups. I thought it would go one of two ways. Either tantrum, screaming, kicking, hot and sweaty, or just a little cry. But no he was an angel. I had been telling him about what was to come for a couple of days which I think helped prepare him. He told me this morning he was still 'a little bit scared' and that his arms were a 'bit sore'. He was treated to super yummy rainbow ice cream afterwards and grandma bought him a little gift. I was just so proud of him. I'm so blessed with three such fantastic, happy, loving little ones (although strangley enough look and act somewhat like little monsters on occassions lol).