Friday, October 31, 2008

They're Back!!!!!!!!!

Hooray!!!!!!!! They're Back!!! Yes our beautiful friends spent a couple of days visiting us last week as they ended their mammoth tour of our gorgeous nation. I was finally able to introduce my beautiful little girl to Aunty Lis and Uncle Ant. Fin was so excited to have 'His Nat and Noah' back to play with (or maybe torment lol - poor Natty was so great playing with little Fin who was so over excited he didn't give Nat a break). We had missed them all so much. We had a really great time with them. Next job on the agenda - to make a flat caravan site to entice them to come stay more often lol (Our whole property is on a hill ).

We couldn't go a visit without a game of 'footy ' out in the paddock. Well as much as can be with little ones - lets just call it kick and throw the ball in all directions. A lot of fun though. I was inside feeding Eliza and having some lovely one on one time with little Noah as he wasn't well

How Blessed we are to have such special friends.

(this post was done aweek ago, It wouldn't publish at the time)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Breakie visitor

The other morning I was enjoying some freshly made scones - made ever so lovingly by my dear hubby - and a cuppa when I had a very impressive visitor. A gorgeous King Parrot came onto the verandah to say g'day. It seemed almost friendly and very inquisitive of us. I tried to get a few pics before the kids scared it but it hung around in the tree near the verandah for a while. We seem to get quite a few different parrots around so we should really invest in a bird feeder. I love living here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bathtime Babe

It's so funny how with your first child you barely have a camera out of your hands but by the time you get to the third it seems I never have it with me. Eliza is so sweet and getting so chubby I hate that I'm not capturing her as often as I could. These were taken (although not so well - I'll just blame poor lighting lol) the other day at bathtime. She is starting to love her bath and nuddie time, kicking her little legs about. She seems to be changing everyday. I can't believe she is 2weeks old already.
Her big brothers are still very much in love of her and constantly want cuddles and kisses (I hope it last a while yet lol). How blessed are we to have three such gorgeous little ones.
Scruffy morning cuddles from her big brothers

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Master 2

Our gorgeous Luc celebrated his 2nd birthday on Monday. It is hard to believe he is so big already. He had a great day with some pretty cool presents (one being a cosy coupe car that is the source of way too many an argument lol) and lots of time with Mummy, Daddy, Fin, Eliza and Grandma. Seeing as I was only 5 days post op we had only a little family party with some of his favourite foods and a choccie cake covered in smarties and lolly sprinkles (I still feel a bit guilty not doing the whole sugarpaste decorated cake thing - there is always next year). But there were lots of balloons, streamers and lollies to make it a true birthday.

Happy Birthday our sweet Boy. We love you so very much.
He is such a little monkey being a grub in no shirt and he would not look at the camera so we could see his big brown eyes.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome to Our Little One

We welcomed our beautiful little daughter 'Eliza Rose' into the world on Wednesday the 1st of October at 1716hrs.

Weight - 7lb 9ozs
Length - 49cms
Head Circ - 34cms
She arrived as planned by caesarean. Eliza gave a beautiful cry right on que and the paediatrician gave her great healthy scores. I did really well and recovered quickly (we came home yesterday morning). It is great to be home with my boys. They are so excited at being big brothers. Little Luc just seems to be in awe and wants cuddles all time (just have to watch the eye poking and rough patting lol). Fin has taken the big brother role on with so much excitement and energy. I'm sure he has grown up so much in the last few days.

We have been so blessed and we thank all of you for your prayers and kind thoughts.

Our little doll ready to go home in the gorgeous layette grandma made for her.