Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Little Miss Eliza started solids earlier this month. Got to love breast fed bubs and the tongue habits that that brings. Very cute but quite messy. She is slowly getting the hang of it though. Timeless fave of pumpkin and sweet spud was commenced yesterday with much bouncing - from all three actually with Fin trying it saying 'I really do like it mum this baby food', so the boys had a serve each too. Whatever gets veges in is fine with me. I really can't believe she is almost six months already. They really don't stay bubs for long. Mind you I can see the little newborn in each of them with a quick glance when they sleep or cry. They will always be my babies. I love these apple a farex pics with her 'feeding herself''. I love her big blue eyes. I am somewhat biased though.


Kate said...

Oh Tan, she's just adorable! Food already? Time sure does FLY!!!!!

Hope you're all well,
K x

Renata said...

She is adorable - I love her big blue eyes!!
Food messes are so cute when they're just babies (not so cute as toddlers!!)
Happy Birthday for yesterday - will try & call next week (I knew And was home yesterday - but did you get the card?)

Kate said...

No, it's not just you. You're not biased. She IS adorable :) Miss you guys xo