Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Four Legged family

This little fellow is Tom, the newest addition to our animal family. We have had him for two weeks so he is 9weeks old now. Tom - aptly named after the boys favorite tractor (tractor Tom), is a golden Lab and just so sweet. Our sweet girl Lola just loves him, she was in need of some company and we are hoping it keeps her in the yard a bit more as she does enjoy a good play with the neighbours dogs. The poor little poppet was missing his mum to start with and freaked out Lola as he looked for some 'mummy milk'. How cute though. Who can resist that little face. The kids love him and he has been roped into many a game of pirates and cowboys. Eliza just laughs at him, not too sure on the puppy kisses but he is being quite gentle with her.

Next introduction is Miss Princess who really does live up to her name. We got her back in June. She was a rescue pony and then needed a new home as she wasn't quite suited to where she was. Princess is quite old, some where in her mid twenties. She is very cute, a Welsh Pony cross, but puts her ears back at most things but so far is all ears no kick. I have had the boys on her ages ago and she was pretty good but we have since had one horse leave and two newies so we aren't riding any of them just now. Just letting them all settle in. Princess really can have her moments of sweetness though - lucky for her otherwise it would be find a new home time lol.

Next arrival is Sweetie. My neighbour across the road saw her in a paddock looking dreadful and basically approached her owner and they gave her to my neighbour. She lovingly fattened her up and leased her for a little while and now she is ours. She is a stockhorse, palamino in colour (my favorite) and very old and sweet. Sweetie has had alot of foals in her time and her poor back is quite low so we can't ride her. But she loves her food, hence the pic (I couldn't get her to have a photo with her head up and I keep forgeting to take my camera down other times - she wears a fly mask during the day too which isn't too pretty). I'm not sure how long she will be with us for as she is quite arthritic and in her late 20's but we are enjoying loving, brushing and patting her for now. The boys are even able to do a bit with her as she is normally very quite and well mannered.

And finally we have Haitey (all the horses come with names - not our picking). He is the sweetest boy. He is only 7 and is a Quarterhorse x Arab (Quarab). Chestnut in colour and acts like a bit of a puppy dog. Has huge brown eyes that look at you longingly as you walk away as if to say 'I need a hug', and of course I can't resist. He was a give away because of joint problems in his back which means he is only for light riding, but mostly for loving, rugging, feeding etc. Haitey has only been here a few weeks so maybe in a little while we will start just leadlining on him. I just love caring for them all. I've always dreamt of owning my own horse. And it is great to be finally using the property for something.

I had always dreamt of riding horses too but back in June while we were fostering a gorgeous thoroughbred called Lady I finally got round to borrowing a saddle and lets just say we had both been out of the riding game for a while. She had a bit of a sticky eye at the time so I should've known better but when I was trying to get her to change paces she decided that was enough riding time and I came off. I don't remember that bit, but I do remember waking up on the grass, disorientated and a very sore cheek and shoulder. Had to have the whole ambulance trip to the next biggest town as I had been knocked out for a few minutes - scared my sweet hubby to death. Anyhow, basically fractured my cheekbone and a bit of muscle damage to my shoulder. All healed now but very unconfident with the thought of riding. I hope I can one day but I just love having them around. I find it very calming and relaxing spending time with them. How blessed I am.

This is a pic of Lady just has she went to have a windsuck on the fence (an annoying habit some horses have). She arrived in may and left us in August the day Sweetie arrived. I do miss her a lot as we had gotten to know each other well and she would come up and put her head on my chest for hugs. But I guess it was inevitable as her owner did love her too. My fence posts are much relieved now they don't have a horse pulling on them everyday lol.
And of course our sweet girl Lola who is 18mths now. She is so tolerant of the kids and a big smooch who loves hugs and pretending to be a lap dog. It is so nice for her to have a little play mate at home now. Look at that sweet face hey!!! How couldn't you just love her to bits.

Next animal installment will be chickens. I'm determined their pen will be done before Christmas. Take care all. God Bless.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finally a post.

Hello all. Yes I know I know, I am the worlds slackest blogger. I can't believe its been 7mths since my last entry. Wow it has been a busy time though. Apart from my wee ones all growing and changing, our property has taken on numerous extended family members (by way of the four legged variety).

I guess I will start with my little ones. Fin is almost five now - and reminds me everyday of that fact and daily plans for a birthday party in a months time are constant conversation, usually in the form of 'mummy when I grow up and get bigger and be five I can ... ' He is the sweetest boy and I just love seeing him grow into a real boy now leaving toddler hood far behind. A bit sad really. Can't believe school is only a few months away. Bring out the Kleenex!

Master Lucas has just turned three last week, still seems to be going through a very strong willed moment, but is truly the cheekiest and cutest thing I know. He loves nothing more than a cuddle and puzzles and books are a huge hit. The boys are just loving the space out here. Luc loves doing whatever his big brother does and loves visiting the kindy. He is such a funny little thing. Wants to always help in his own special way - I go through numerous kitchen cloths as he likes to 'clean up' any manner of things with it, great idea but kitchen cloths shouldn't be used for many of them (shoes, floors, toys etc lol). Where has my baby boy gone.

Lucas and his 'hungry catepillar' b'day cake - his fave book

And now my little pink one. Can you believe she is one already. A walking babbling little sweet thing that she is. She started walking a few weeks ago and is getting better everyday. She is so inquisitive and aware and loves nothing more than destroying the boys puzzles as do them or loves to just place herself in the middle of whatever game they are playing. She loves animals and just giggles at everything - as long as mummy or daddy are right there in sight, I musn't dare to leave the room or be out of sight for a moment otherwise miss 1 is miss precious. It is nice to be needed that much I guess lol. Eliza is such a delight. I am so blessed to have such three beautiful, happy and healthy children. God truly is an awesome God.

Little miss party girl - we had a very small joint party for the kids. She looked so cute in her party do pre choccie crackle. Here she is playing with the remains of the fire truck piniata (no idea how to spell it lol)The happy family of five - Eliza eating the butterfly wings off her cake mmmm modeling paste.

Anyhow, have a few issues going on here so I promise promise promise will update later today with news from around our little bit of land.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Little Miss Eliza started solids earlier this month. Got to love breast fed bubs and the tongue habits that that brings. Very cute but quite messy. She is slowly getting the hang of it though. Timeless fave of pumpkin and sweet spud was commenced yesterday with much bouncing - from all three actually with Fin trying it saying 'I really do like it mum this baby food', so the boys had a serve each too. Whatever gets veges in is fine with me. I really can't believe she is almost six months already. They really don't stay bubs for long. Mind you I can see the little newborn in each of them with a quick glance when they sleep or cry. They will always be my babies. I love these apple a farex pics with her 'feeding herself''. I love her big blue eyes. I am somewhat biased though.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

About Time

Yes yes I know. I haven't posted for so long. I have written many but have become inpatient waiting to upload pics or little people tend to need things at the wrong time. Anyhow I have scraped all partially done posts from Christmas and since and am now here. The last few months have certainly had some busy times. My sweet boy Fin is now a kindy kid which I'm still trying to get my head around. Where does that time go. He is really enjoying it and has also started swimming lessons. The first few weeks of swimming were dreadful but then suddenly he began to enjoy it and the fear has disapeared thankfully.

(first day of kindy - the hair did get brushed before he went lol)

Luc has an ever increasing vocabulary with 'what' being the unfortunate word of choice at present. He has learn't from his brother and probably me continually correcting him for it. I'm sure Luc thinks it is just funny to keep mummy saying 'beg your pardon'. Luc had started swimming lessons as well but was quite naughty and it was hard on Eliza as she would cry even if grandma held her the whole time so we are going to wait until he can venture in by himself (he was just a little too young to be without me).

Miss Eliza is getting ever more cute every day. So full of smiles and giggles, unless or course someone other than mummy or daddy have her when she displays what I must say is one of the best bottom lip drops I have ever seen. I started her on solids last week and she is getting the hang of it slowly but surely.

Well 2009 is starting off with a lot of firsts and I'm hoping it continues to be a positive growing year for our family and our little patch of green on a hill. Apart from the already happening firsts others that we hope to come will be: chickens (yes still not ready for them yet), a horse (my life long dream since I was younger than Luc), my baby crawling/walking/becoming a little girl, and I'm sure many more.

I've just put up a random selection of pics from the last few months, I will do more in the near future - I promise. Enjoy! God Bless.

Friday, December 19, 2008

She's Getting so Big

I've been so bad at getting postings done lately. I don't know what I do with my time somedays. Feed the kids, cuddle the kids, clean up their toys, prepare more food, do washing, clean up, play with kids, tidy toys, cuddle kids, feed kids as well as mowing alot (the grass grows in inches per day here) and regular housework - lol well you get the picture, which I'm sure is not unlike everyone elses household. Before I know it is bed time and my list of my things - such as craft, sewing, photography bits, updating blog, renovating - have been missed and then go on to the wish list for the next day which more often than not gets overlooked once again. I use to be able to stay up late to do things but I seem to just need bed by 10pm. I feel like an oldie already lol. I have a problem with wanting to keep things tidy and iron everything (except undies of course :P) which I know takes up alot of my time. I need to let myself just look away and have a bit more focus on more important things I think. Or just get more organised. I don't know how some of you fit all that you do in. Don't get me wrong I love doing things for my family and appreciate having the privaledge of being a stay at home mum. Anyhow thats enough whinging lol.

I thought it was about time I updated my pics of my little girl. Can you believe she is 11weeks already. She started smiling at five and a half weeks along with the ever adorable baby babble which is the cutest thing, and since then she continuously smiles and almost laughs all day long, except sleeping and feeding, mind you she tries to talk while feeding - such a girl already (can't stop chatting).

Her big brothers still adore her and her little face lights up soon as she hears them or sees them. It is amazing to see her love for them already. How special to have two beautiful big brothers! The poor little thing though doesn't have much opportunity for tummy and floor time due to Fin and Luc being typical boys and not looking when they bound about the house.

I feel just so blessed to have three such healthy and beautiful little ones. I need to spend less time doing things that really aren't that important and to and enjoy these perfect little gifts.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Big Boy 4

My beautiful Fin turned 4 early last month. Seems only yesterday he was a newborn and now I've been blessed with number three. Time really does fly hey!!! Fin had a great birthday. Grandma and Grandpa came up for lunch, he was given some fantastic presents and daddy even got home just a little early bringing yummy happy meals to sweeten the deal. It was a lot of fun for all. The lazy mum smarty cake made its appearance once again but my rationale was I have to give evenly to the boys - really just mummy not being more organised but hey it tasted great and they ate every smarty (and left the cake behind lol).

The little sweetheart had to have his 4year immunisations yesterday. He was so perfect. I was just so proud. He barely flinched and didn't shed a tear - only when his baby sister had her's did he have a little sympathy cry - yes little miss Eliza is 2months already. I love it when your kids just surprise you and are just beautiful mini grown ups. I thought it would go one of two ways. Either tantrum, screaming, kicking, hot and sweaty, or just a little cry. But no he was an angel. I had been telling him about what was to come for a couple of days which I think helped prepare him. He told me this morning he was still 'a little bit scared' and that his arms were a 'bit sore'. He was treated to super yummy rainbow ice cream afterwards and grandma bought him a little gift. I was just so proud of him. I'm so blessed with three such fantastic, happy, loving little ones (although strangley enough look and act somewhat like little monsters on occassions lol).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One Month Old

t's hard to believe that little Eliza was one month old on the weekend. How fast does time go!! She is growing so much everyday and so much brighter and alert. I'm loving having a little girl. I never thought I would enjoy pink quite as much as I am. It is feeling more complete as a family now that we have Eliza. I'm so pleased we decided to have one more - I did have my occassional are we doing the right thing moments. Life hasn't really changed too much, just become more enriched and blessed.

The boys love her to bits. Luc is having some jealous moments though where he won't let me feed her or won't let me cuddle him if I have her in my arms, but he loves giving her cuddles and kisses. So far she hasn't lost an eye, incurred a head injury or fractured a limb from his loving touch lol.

I still haven't managed to get a photo of the three of them together without one moving, crying or pulling an interesting face.