Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Big Boy 4

My beautiful Fin turned 4 early last month. Seems only yesterday he was a newborn and now I've been blessed with number three. Time really does fly hey!!! Fin had a great birthday. Grandma and Grandpa came up for lunch, he was given some fantastic presents and daddy even got home just a little early bringing yummy happy meals to sweeten the deal. It was a lot of fun for all. The lazy mum smarty cake made its appearance once again but my rationale was I have to give evenly to the boys - really just mummy not being more organised but hey it tasted great and they ate every smarty (and left the cake behind lol).

The little sweetheart had to have his 4year immunisations yesterday. He was so perfect. I was just so proud. He barely flinched and didn't shed a tear - only when his baby sister had her's did he have a little sympathy cry - yes little miss Eliza is 2months already. I love it when your kids just surprise you and are just beautiful mini grown ups. I thought it would go one of two ways. Either tantrum, screaming, kicking, hot and sweaty, or just a little cry. But no he was an angel. I had been telling him about what was to come for a couple of days which I think helped prepare him. He told me this morning he was still 'a little bit scared' and that his arms were a 'bit sore'. He was treated to super yummy rainbow ice cream afterwards and grandma bought him a little gift. I was just so proud of him. I'm so blessed with three such fantastic, happy, loving little ones (although strangley enough look and act somewhat like little monsters on occassions lol).

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Renata said...

Oh my goodness - he looks so grown up there! It feels like no time since he was a baby & now he's almost off to preschool!
Hope you are enjoying your week getting ready for Christmas!