Monday, October 12, 2009

Finally a post.

Hello all. Yes I know I know, I am the worlds slackest blogger. I can't believe its been 7mths since my last entry. Wow it has been a busy time though. Apart from my wee ones all growing and changing, our property has taken on numerous extended family members (by way of the four legged variety).

I guess I will start with my little ones. Fin is almost five now - and reminds me everyday of that fact and daily plans for a birthday party in a months time are constant conversation, usually in the form of 'mummy when I grow up and get bigger and be five I can ... ' He is the sweetest boy and I just love seeing him grow into a real boy now leaving toddler hood far behind. A bit sad really. Can't believe school is only a few months away. Bring out the Kleenex!

Master Lucas has just turned three last week, still seems to be going through a very strong willed moment, but is truly the cheekiest and cutest thing I know. He loves nothing more than a cuddle and puzzles and books are a huge hit. The boys are just loving the space out here. Luc loves doing whatever his big brother does and loves visiting the kindy. He is such a funny little thing. Wants to always help in his own special way - I go through numerous kitchen cloths as he likes to 'clean up' any manner of things with it, great idea but kitchen cloths shouldn't be used for many of them (shoes, floors, toys etc lol). Where has my baby boy gone.

Lucas and his 'hungry catepillar' b'day cake - his fave book

And now my little pink one. Can you believe she is one already. A walking babbling little sweet thing that she is. She started walking a few weeks ago and is getting better everyday. She is so inquisitive and aware and loves nothing more than destroying the boys puzzles as do them or loves to just place herself in the middle of whatever game they are playing. She loves animals and just giggles at everything - as long as mummy or daddy are right there in sight, I musn't dare to leave the room or be out of sight for a moment otherwise miss 1 is miss precious. It is nice to be needed that much I guess lol. Eliza is such a delight. I am so blessed to have such three beautiful, happy and healthy children. God truly is an awesome God.

Little miss party girl - we had a very small joint party for the kids. She looked so cute in her party do pre choccie crackle. Here she is playing with the remains of the fire truck piniata (no idea how to spell it lol)The happy family of five - Eliza eating the butterfly wings off her cake mmmm modeling paste.

Anyhow, have a few issues going on here so I promise promise promise will update later today with news from around our little bit of land.


Kate said...

Beautiful post Miss Tan...I don't mind waiting 7 months, new you would come up with the goods in the end :P :P
She isn't're making it all up. And the boys get more handsome every day. So when are we come out for the farm tour eh? :)
Love to you guys xoxo

Renata said...

Tan I can't believe I missed your post - sorry! So glad you are all going so well! I think your children have all grown up even since August! I love the cakes you did - fantastic job! I wonder where Lucas got his cleaning gene from????!!!??? Miss you so much.
Love to you all